How to Create Custom Bitcoin Cash Addresses With Vanitygen

Vanitygen Cash Releases Binaries for Bitcoin Cash Vanity Addresses


Earlier this week the creators of announced the stable release of ‘Vanitygen Cash,’ a vanity-themed BCH address maker. Vanitygen Cash is a fork of the original Vanitygen protocol originally designed for BTC but here it has been created for the Bitcoin Cash network.

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Vanity Addresses for the Bitcoin Cash Network

Now bitcoin cash enthusiasts can create custom addresses with a protocol called Vanitygen Cash (VGC). The VGC software was developed by the programmers who made the website a cash address format translator. VGC is a command-line vanity bitcoin cash address generator. This means a user can create a more custom address with an individuals name, a business brand, or pretty much any words rather than the traditional cryptically random addresses. Further, more personalized addresses like QuArterbackMHzqnDPRSfiZ5GXJ8Gk9dbjO using VGC can be generated offline. The VGC compiled binaries for operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux can be found at developer’s releases.

Vanitygen Cash Releases Binaries for Bitcoin Cash Vanity AddressesVanitygen Cash can even make color text addresses.

 Unique but Random

Basically, VGC accepts an alphanumeric input pattern or list of patterns and produces a unique personalized address with private keys. The software’s searching is entirely probabilistic and there are various factors involved with any given pattern. This includes the amount of time to find the pattern, the complexity, the speed of the computer and believe it or not downright luck. For instance, for more complex wording the generator depends on a more probabilistic outcomes which can be entirely random.

To use Vanitygen Cash simply extract the operating system platform and choose to open the software. Next, you use your computer’s command prompting tool to utilize the VGC protocol in order to create a custom address. Traditionally older vanity addresses started with the number/character 1, so for example, you can generate a prefix like “1Jamie,” 1Friend,” or something more unique.

However, the Vanitygen Cash readme explains that the first character for custom BCH addresses should be the letter Q, and the second character should be either p, q, r, or zThe longer the prefix the longer it will take for your computer’s chip hardware to generate a random cash address. Basically, the VGC platform brute forces a pattern within the random generation process. It’s also a good idea to briefly read up on how to use a command line and go over the VGC platform’s readme file before getting started.

Record a Memorable Event on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

A vanity address can be used for a multitude of things like if you have a public bitcoin cash address displayed on your website then a more personalized address may be more fitting. The vanity address can be printed on business cards and many other types of marketing concepts. Simple stories can be written within the bitcoin cash blockchain using simple words and custom addresses. You can document something that happened in history or announce something in a novel manner using the generator. For instance, you could write about a memorable occasion, record your child’s name and birth date, even ask someone to marry you on the bitcoin cash blockchain.

How to Create Custom Bitcoin Cash Addresses With VanitygenAn example of a story told on the BCH blockchain in vanity addresses. The Vanitygen Cash readme explains that the first character for custom BCH addresses should be the letter Q, and the second character should be either p, q, r, or z

Bitcoin cash supporters are pleased to see the forked version of Vanitygen applied to the BCH chain as a good variety of businesses, infrastructure providers, and forked protocols are coming to the BCH network in great number over the past two months. Vanity generated addresses are cool and distinct from traditional addresses and some of them are so unique nobody can reproduce them. Moreover, the Vanitygen Cash software can make color text addresses as well.    

What do you think about the Vanitygen Cash fork? Do you like the idea of customized addresses? Let us know what you think about this protocol in the comments below.

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