$WIF Soars 350%, $FLOKI Up 33%, As $GFOX On Route to $3Million

Memecoin fever is running red hot, and investors unfamiliar with memecoins need to brush up. Hot money is chasing the next narrative, and while dogwifhat ($WIF) soars 350% and Floki ($FLOKI) is up 33%, newer ICOs are also popping up.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a classic example of an on-chain presale cryptocurrency offering an interesting blend in the booming sector.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Next Crypto to Watch?

Shooting past $2.8 million and climbing, the Galaxy Fox presale is running wild.

The protocol build sets Galaxy Fox aside from its competitors, promising to put it in a league of its own. An addictive runner game with financial incentives, staking rewards for all token holders, a token burn, an NFT collection, and even real-world merchandise. Galaxy Fox has it all.

Its launch conditions are also interesting and the revitalization of the P2E market vertical and increasing appetite for memecoins give it dual narrative support.

dogwifhat ($WIF) Soars 350%

dogwifhat has become the leading Solana ($SOL) meme coin among experts and insiders, replacing $BONK as the ecosystem’s frontrunner. Despite a brutal drawdown, $WIF is still counted as a promising crypto to watch now and is back with a vengeance. Posting 350% gains while continuing to outpace Bonk ($BONK).

In an ironic twist of fate, one trader’s massive loss has supercharged $WIF sentiment. A recent order sent the price skyrocketing to $4 for several minutes, and seeing this sizeable on-chain order (nearly $9 million in $SOL) has galvanized the on-chain degens.

Floki ($FLOKI) Also in the Spotlight

Floki’s recent 33% move, while not as impressive as $WIF’s price action, does send a clear signal that investors are risk-on and memecoins are in vogue. Floki was spawned by fans of Shiba Inu ($SHIB), and the token names itself after Musk’s real-life Shiba Inu.

Galaxy Fox is still in its presale and also has promising potential. This early-stage availability makes it a tasty cryptocurrency to watch now.

$GFOX the smallest market cap of the above – which means that the volatility with it is likely to be high.

Memecoins are here to stay, according to numerous market analysts, and could also play an important role during the upcoming cycle – just like they did in the previous one.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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