Where is the Bitcoin price heading?

Bitcoin Price action

Video filmed 11am Singapore 1st June 2020

Bitcoin is in very interesting territory right now. A move above 10500 could see a bull run. For me personally I still feel we may head lower to the 5-6k range. This is just my feeling but I’m also taking the time to learn more about technical analysis to help with predicting the Bitcoin and Crypto markets. Its foolish not to!

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Who is moving the Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin trading in my opinion not only requires an understanding of reading the charts but a certain appreciation of the unique attributes of what is still a largely unregulated space. While the liquidity of BTC makes it very trade-able you know doubt appreciate how the whales play their role. In this video we discuss this also. The power of exchanges also continues to grow. With the recent halving event we now have a situation where the BTC generated in fees for exchnages is a larger amount than newly minted BTC from miners. This means the sell pressure that exchanges can apply may well be stronger than that of miners.

Who are Greyscale?

We mention Greyscale in this video. Greyscale was established in 2013 by the Digital Currencies group. Barry Silbert is at the helm of this company and make no mistake they are big players in this space. You can learn more about them here 


In short Greyscale is a regulated US company allowing institutional investment in BTC. They are currently buying up a significant amount of the new mined Bitcoin and we will be looking closely at the volumes purchased from not mining activities also.

Other companies mentioned in this video are OmiseGO (OMG) You can learn more about them here. https://omg.network/ and Enjin.


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The fundamentals of this market.

Lisa has years of trading experience and its a pleasure to be making this weekly content with her. We hope you also enjoy our new show Hard Fork launching this week. In this show we take a look at the fundamentals of how Blockchain is being applied right now and try to predict how it will evolve in the coming years. I’m more of an investor than a trader and we hope this show will help further knowledge on which companies should be taken note of.

Our first guest is Scott Stornetta. Stornetta is the Chief Scientist of Yugen Partners. Along with Stuart Saber he pioneered Blockchain technology and is referenced three time in the Bitcoin white paper with a fourth reference to his work making up 50% of the eight references in the Bitcoin Whitepaper.



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