We Asked ChatGPT if Ripple (XRP) Can Become the Biggest Altcoin in 2024


  • Ripple’s XRP saw a significant price rally in 2023, and its future success depends on several factors, including technological advancements in cross-border payments.
  • Legal developments, particularly Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC, are critical in determining XRP’s future. The outcome could significantly impact investor confidence and the cryptocurrency market.
  • Analysts and experts have varying predictions for XRP’s future price, with some laying out extremely optimistic forecasts.

The Answer Depends on These Conditions

According to ChatGPT, XRP can become the largest alternative coin in 2024, assuming multiple factors are in play. Substantial technological advancements of Ripple’s underlying technology were outlined as the some of the most important ones. XRP is used in cross-border payments, and further adoption in that field could positively impact its price. 

Legal and regulatory developments are next in line. Recall that Ripple is involved in a lawsuit with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and currently has the upper hand after securing three partial court wins last year. The grand trial is scheduled for April this year, and its outcome could have a major effect on the entire cryptocurrency sector.

A decisive victory for Ripple might boost investor confidence and trigger a bull run for XRP, whereas the opposite ruling could lead to the implementation of strict rules and push the brakes on the market. 

The performance of other digital assets and the emergence of new projects could also play a role. The other factors the AI-powered chatbot mentioned were global economic conditions, community support, and key possible partnerships.

XRP is currently the fifth-largest altcoin, with a market capitalization of almost $31 billion. Ethereum (ETH) is first with over $270 billion, meaning Ripple’s coin has a long way to go before reaching the top.

Optimistic XRP Bets

Some analysts and experts have already predicted that XRP could reach unseen levels in the near future, thus climbing the altcoin ladder. The X (Twitter) user EGRAG CRYPTO, for example, outlined the token’s 20X rally in 2021 when the sector was booming and noted that the progress occurred despite the “pesky” lawsuit between Ripple and the US SEC. 

Following the company’s court success, the analyst expects XRP’s price to skyrocket to as high as $27 during the next potential bull market. 

Prior to that, EGRAG CRYPTO envisioned the asset to explode to the ridiculous, to say the least, level of $2,500 by 2027. 

The TradingView analyst Oaksacorn and the X user CrediBull have also put their names among the bulls. The former set a price target of $43, while the latter thinks XRP could hit $470.

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