Technical analysis Bitcoin Ethereum and Altcoins – What do the charts say?

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis of Bitcoin Ethereum & ALTCOINS. We look at whale cluster at $10570 and if we will break this, what other key support and resistance levels is Lisa looking at. We also have our coin/trade of the week with this week is LOOP RING. We also look at the charts for many other projects including BAT, basic attention token, Theta, the streaming platform, IOST and many more.

Copy Trading

Our co host Lisa is working with Primexbt and many of our team are using the covesting module on the platform. We will be looking at how to short and long BTC  and ETH in upcoming episodes and in our new series called 1 BTC and 32 ETH. Subscribe to our youtube channel to check that out every Wednesday.

You can sign up to Prime xbt here if this is of interest to you. Follow along an learn about trading and the series if your new to this as there is no rush to do anything before you have done your own research and your happy with your understading of the Crypto markets. This show is not financial advice, you must do your own research. Crypto markets are extremely volatile and require extreme caution when making any financial decisions. You should consult your qualified financial advisor.

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