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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Welcome to the “Flock” behind Crypto Early Bird, where our passion for blockchain and Web3 takes flight! Our team of avian aficionados is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest from the world of digital currencies, smart contracts, and decentralized applications, all with a chirpy twist.

Francesca Piovani

Founder, CEO & Architect

Rhye Moore


Helga Steiner


The CapitalD


Eagle-Eyed Emma, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief Emma, our visionary leader, soars above the crypto landscape with the keen insight of an eagle. She’s always spotting the next big trend from miles away. Emma’s knack for decrypting complex blockchain lingo makes our content accessible to fledglings and seasoned birds alike.

Owlbert Einstein, Technical Analyst With wisdom that rivals his nocturnal namesake, Owlbert dives deep into the technicalities of blockchain technology. His thorough analyses and sharp hoots on market trends ensure our readers are always well-informed, proving that knowledge is truly a hoot!

Polly Parrot, Community Manager Polly’s vibrant feathers aren’t just for show; she’s the voice of our flock, echoing the latest crypto buzz across our social media channels. Her engaging chirps and squawks foster a lively community where every birdy is welcome to join the conversation.

Robin Banks, Financial Analyst Robin keeps our nest egg secure with his expert financial insights. Whether it’s navigating through bull markets or weathering bear storms, Robin’s prudent advice ensures our readers always have a bird’s-eye view of their investments.

Sparrow Swift, Content Creator Quick and agile, Sparrow crafts compelling stories with the speed of a swift. Her engaging tales of blockchain adventures capture the essence of the crypto world, ensuring our content always flies off the page.

Join our flock on this exciting journey through the crypto skies. With a little birdy on your shoulder whispering the latest secrets and strategies, Crypto Early Bird is your go-to perch for all things blockchain and Web3. Tweet-tweet, hoot-hoot, and chirp away with us as we explore the digital frontier together!