Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing?

Candlelight to set the mood. Music to set the tone. Sparkling wine to enliven the zone. And some good food too. Or maybe just take it to the top of the roof and let the moon and the stars do the heavy-lifting instead, making these two hearts beat as one.

But what if he’s a no show? After all, this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been stood up before. You’ve gone through these same routines a couple of times now. All dressed up with nowhere to go. The food, the wine, and the light – all care and attention that went into the details. You’d loved every moment of it – hoping this labour of love will mean something to someone. But as you sit in that dark corner of the room again, toying with that cold dish and sipping a wine that has lost it luster, you can help but start to wonder if love doesn’t really cost a thing.

For any relationship to work, both parties must uphold their end of the bargain and try not to commit to engagement they cannot honor. This is the beginning of trust.

Trust is full of frailties and easily broken. Once broken, it’s impossible to get back the way it used to be. And when it comes to online dating, trust has become the proverbial golden ring on a swine’s snort. With the ability to be anyone at anytime and place, trusting who the person at the other end of the screen claims to be is best taken with a bag of salt. Matter of fact, you’ve been known to occasionally garnish the truth too, just to get a leg up on the competition – an inch or two to your real height and a couple of pounds off your weight. The most painless surgery ever, but at what price?

As humans, we tend to generalize a lot. Most of these generalizations are based on stereotypes like blondes being dumb and liberians wearing glasses which have all been proven to be wrong by those who’ve bothered to research. However for most, these statements holds true as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West (technically, the sun doesn’t rise – matter of fact, it doesn’t move an inch. It’s the Earth’s rotation that gives this illusion of movement. But then, stereotypes).

With online dating, these stereotypes are fast, thick, and stick like chewing gum under your shoe; the “I’m new to this” who has been on the site for over a year; the “always message” but never seen, the “straight out of a heartbreak” and all their excessive baggage, the “oh God, just give me somebody” and their desperate antics. The list goes on, but the pattern remains the same; nobody is being true to themselves.

The trust that is enabled by blockchain technology is bilateral. Its immutable and tamper-proof state means what we see is exactly as it was recorded. No more, no less. But what if was recorded was a lie, does that mean the lie is now the truth?’s pioneering verification procedure for online dating eliminates fake profiles and discourages falsification of information through it reputation system. Using both visual and auditory mechanisms to authenticate and verify identity on the blockchain. Users no longer need to worry about the genuineness of the person at the other end of the line and when you’re finally ready to step out together, smart-contract based dating protocols ensures that you are protected.

Before going out on a date, both parties will have to stake tokens into a smart contracts for a predefined duration after the date has been completed. If it all goes according to plan (meaning neither has a complaint), the staked tokens are returned to them. However, if one party is a no show and fails to notify or has turned “no-showing” into a habit, the aggrieved party can open a conflict dispute through the Decentralized Autonomous Dating (DAD) network and be compensated with the staked tokens.

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