LNDX Token’s Spectacular 190% Surge on Weekend Trade

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, December 17th, 2023]

LandX Finance, the agricultural DeFi protocol, launched their $LNDX governance token on Friday 15 December 2023 to huge demand on exchanges. Prices surged on prominent exchanges including Gate.io, MEXC.com, and Uniswap on Ethereum and Arbitrum. The token reached a $5.5 million trading volume overall, according to this Uniswap statistic.

The launch of the LNDX token is a monumental step for LandX, embodying the culmination of efforts to bridge the gap between traditional farming finance and the sophisticated investors in DeFi. The LNDX token is the cornerstone of the LandX ecosystem and holders are direct beneficiaries of the LandX foundation.

Platform Launch and Special Flash Sale

Following the success of the token launch, LandX is set to unveil its much-anticipated platform on December 19th, 2023. The platform debut will be accompanied by a special flash sale of the xBasket index fund of xTokens, showcasing LandX’s innovative approach to digital asset investment.

xBasket – Real World Assets and Inflation Hedge Potential

xBasket is an index token auto compounding yield from all four xTokens (xSoy, xWheat, xCorn, xRice). xTokens are uniquely designed as potential inflation hedged digital assets, offering real yield derived from crop share agreements and farmland production. This innovative concept provides tangible, sustainable value and security for investors reducing the erosion of purchasing power associated with stablecoins.

“By connecting farmers with fair, transparent financing from investors in DeFi markets we are enhancing capital efficiency and bringing real world assets on-chain” – LandX spokesperson.

LandX’s offerings, including the LNDX token and xTokens, are not available to customers in the United States, aligning with regulatory compliance and our commitment to responsible global outreach.

About LandX

LandX is bridging the agriculture financing gap, providing upfront capital to farmers in return for a percentage of their future harvests. The financing is secured by the underlying farmland, offering investors an opportunity to earn sustainable yield backed by tangible assets.

Learn more at https://landx.fi


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