Crypto Prices Surge With Solana, Polkadot, Bitcoin Minetrix Among Top Gainers

Cryptos across the board have enjoyed a tremendous pump over the past 24 hours, with two top performers being Solana and Polkadot.

Meanwhile, the new Bitcoin Minetrix is also surging ahead, having just surpassed $5.7 million at its presale.

Bullish Sentiment Builds for Solana and Polkadot as Prices Rise

Despite an explosive few months, Solana is continuing to gather momentum, recently touching $99. Currently, Solana is priced at $91, up 5.4% today, 16.93% this week, 66% this month and 653% this year.

Yet, analysts remain optimistic that Solana will continue to push ahead.

X commentator InvestAnswers pointed out that Solana’s recent pump occurred as the Asian market opened.

“Solana is soaring as Asia opens. Just 3.5% away from triple digits,” said the analyst.

When writing this, the tweet was seven hours old, so Solana’s price uptick could be attributed to strong buying activity from the Asian markets.

Yet, other analysts are looking much beyond the $100 benchmark. For instance, MartyParty believes that Solana will “flip” Ethereum and urges market participants to buy in under $100.

MartyParty presents four charts displaying Solana’s growing momentum against Ethereum.

Meanwhile, prominent X influencer notEezzy sees Solana as a long-term play, recently announcing that they bought 1,000 SOL and will send them to a cold wallet until next year.

notEezzy ends the tweet by saying, “I will update you on this bag once $SOL is trading at $1000.”

But Solana is not the only crypto gathering pace. Polkadot has seen a 5.6% increase today, priced at $7.90. It is also up 7.92% this week, 55% this month, and 77% this year.

However, some analysts believe this is just the beginning for DOT. Clifton Fx noted that Polkadot is breaking a falling triangle on the weekly time frame.

A break out of this chart pattern is a strong trend reversal signal, which could result in a considerable price explosion given the chart pattern’s macro scale.

Meanwhile, Pablo commented on Polkadot’s on-chain analytics, explaining that it has had 5.9 million daily transactions and remains at 10% capacity. The analyst points out, “still low gas fees, still fast, still secure.”

Although Solana and Polkadot have seen notable gains recently, one crypto analysts believe could explode next is Bitcoin Minetrix. It is currently undergoing a presale, having raised a whopping $5.7 million so far.

Trending Bitcoin Minetrix Enables Effortless BTC Cloud Mining, ICO Nears $6M

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new Stake-to-Mine cryptocurrency, enabling anyone to cloud mine Bitcoin. It offers a secure, no-fuss solution that is beginner-friendly and does not require technical expertise or expensive hardware.

This provides significant advantages over traditional crypto mining, potentially moving it towards mass adoption.

The project works by users staking $BTCMTX tokens to earn Bitcoin mining credits. They can then burn these credits for cloud mining power, which translates to free Bitcoin.

As well as making it easier for anyone to earn Bitcoin, this ingenious concept also tackles the prevalent cloud mining scams through its decentralized and transparent $BTCMTX token.

Furthermore, the central role of $BTCMTX translates to significant demand potential. Meanwhile, its supply will be limited since most tokens are locked for staking, and rewards are primarily paid in mining credits, not $BTCMTX. These favorable supply and demand dynamics hint at massive room for growth.

Analysts are massively bullish on the project, with Jacob Bury recently predicting it could 10x. Bury referenced its compelling tokenomics and innovative use case as to why.

Currently, market participants can buy $BTCMTX for $0.0123. However, this will rise in four days, so they must act fast to secure the best price.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

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