Chainlink And Bitcoin Spark Will Be Bull Run, Top Performers

The lucrative investment deals in the digital asset ecosystem have attracted hundreds of millions of users worldwide. While some crypto enthusiasts are on the bandwagon to foster the growth of Web3 or to quench their thirst for decentralization, most are in the game for profit. The latter objective is not demonized since it is a package that also leads to the growth of decentralized economies. Analysts and cryptocurrency investors have isolated Chainlink and Bitcoin Spark as the projects with the most potential for massive gains.

Chainlink (LINK) news

Chainlink is a decentralized digital oracle platform. The native cryptocurrency of the platform is LINK. Chainlink has recently been trending for its achieved Hong Kong objective. The project’s cross-chain interoperability protocol (CCIP) application has extended its reach to Hong Kong users in mainland China. The digital asset is being studied as part of China’s CBDC development and has also seen a strategic partnership with a renowned financial institution called Arta. Chainlink’s recent price performance has been commendable. Analysts hope the cryptocurrency will continue to show the same performance in the future.

Bitcoin Spark Application

The Bitcoin Spark ecosystem is still under development, but it could make all the difference once launched. Technology has taken the world by storm, and this is the foundation of Bitcoin Spark’s reason for existing. The Vital Block-approved platform leverages technology for many aspects of the ecosystem. First, the team has conducted and finalized scientific research to develop a new invention called proof-of-process, an improved network validation process. Proof-of-process employs next-generation technology that hybrids staking and mining simultaneously, although most network processes will be executed and finalized through mining.

Bitcoin Spark developers have refined the project’s mining process so that the entire system will be controlled using an application. The software solution is created as the mining platform will exist in almost all common operating systems, including iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and Windows. 

The application will root itself to the device’s GPU/CPU and the RAM to isolate the mining process from its other use cases. All transaction fees charged to network users will be sent to the mining pools, which will then be connected to the mining application. Surprisingly, Bitcoin Spark developers intend to release the Bitcoin Spark repository to the general public to allow other developers to launch their applications and wallets to avoid overdependence on the Bitcoin Spark team for innovation, upgrades, and changes.

The platform also leverages technology for an added security layer. Technology improves the security of Bitcoin Spark by decentralizing the mining process to avoid falling victim to a 51% attack that could lead to massive loss of funds for investors. Bitcoin Spark’s almost zero entry barrier allows the network to have more node operators. A wallet is important in DeFi as it helps users hold, buy, and trade digital assets. The Bitcoin Spark team will unveil an advanced wallet for BTCS, XRO, BNB Smart Chain, and SOL. The wallet’s uniqueness comes from its ability to receive information from two main Remote Call Procedures.

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