Cardano’s Day Is Done, ADA Holders Wait Patiently For Rumored End-Of-ICO BTCS Bonus

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced remarkable growth since Bitcoin first came to public consciousness. The development of the ecosystem has led to the emergence of newer and more improved projects like Cardano that offer smart contracting platforms to Web3 users. Cardano’s performance in the last bull market was commendable, allowing early investors to gain significant returns by profiting from ADA’s price movement, which was constantly on an upward trajectory. Compared to Ethereum, Cardano offers a faster network and cheaper transaction fees. However, Cardano faces major problems, causing long-term ADA holders to consider investing in Bitcoin Spark.

Is Cardano a good investment? 

The first challenge that Cardano users are facing is the adoption problem. Although the platform is simpler, faster, cheaper, and scalable, it has fewer Web3 activities. Cardano users are using the project’s speculative nature to only profit from ADA’s movement. In other words, the Cardano community is not actively undertaking developments, and users are hardly executing transactions or deploying decentralized applications.

The second challenge with the Cardano network is it cannot accommodate extensive building capabilities. Bloomberg reported that Cardano is still a work in progress, and some of its objectives may only be realized a few years later. A developer and crypto expert also told Bloomberg that he was unaware of any application deployed on Cardano. Despite the ridicule, Charles Hoskinson’s passion is still evident, and the cryptographic pioneer is still announcing continuous upgrades to improve the network. His dedication makes Cardano a favorable investment worth having in one’s portfolio.

What is Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)?

Cardano’s birth was inspired by Charles Hoskinson’s need to compete with Ethereum. However, Bitcoin Spark was developed out of necessity to decentralize the industry further. Although blockchain has greatly decentralized the financial industry, most projects have developed centralized aspects, from consensus mechanisms to administration. Bitcoin, for instance, has a centralized mining infrastructure designed to reward the rich. Ethereum’s most enormous rewards are distributed to the most prominent staking individuals.

To change this, Cognitos KYC-verified Bitcoin Spark developers have unveiled a new decentralized smart contract audited digital platform that uses proof-of-process to manage in-house activities. PoP decentralizes the mining process in Bitcoin Spark by making the network lightweight, increasing the number of node operators, and distributing rewards non-linearly. Mining BTCS will be so easy that participants will use standard low-powered devices such as mobile phones to mine the network. 

The team is currently working in tandem with a third-party app developer, and the coalition is focussed on developing the Bitcoin Spark mining application, which will be available for all standard operating systems, including iOS and Windows. Once installed, the application will root the mining device directly to the Bitcoin Spark smart contract mining layer, allowing the user to participate in network validation. The application will, however, need fast internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps.  

Exclusive Bitcoin Spark Bonus Event

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO journey has come to a delightful end. The project has completed 9 phases of its ICO and is currently winding up its tenth ICO phase with an exclusive bonus event that will favor long-term holders. The details of the bonus event have yet to be released. However, the community anticipates a more giant giveaway than the previous bonus events. This event will mark the end of the ICO phase ten and initiate momentum for the project’s next milestones. BTCS will list on Uniswap and on November 30th, opening the project to the entire market. Take advantage of this event. Stay updated by following the platform’s social media accounts to get first hand information on the giveaway details.

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