Bitcoin Brought Decentralized Money, Ethereum Brought Smart Contracts, Bitcoin Spark Brings Stunning Innovation

Bitcoin’s inauguration became an instant hit among online netizens seeking cheaper monetary transactions for cross-border payments. The network also gave users anonymity and privacy alongside increased security offered by blockchain technology. Within a short while, users also realized that Bitcoin’s success could offer a lucrative investment opportunity for holders, and post-2013, the number of BTC holders began to increase exponentially. Ethereum followed suit as the second cryptocurrency to debut, pioneering the knowledge, skills, and applicability of smart contracts that have significantly revolutionized the DeFi arena.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Precisely predicting the final price of a digital asset is very difficult. Experts also face a challenge when evaluating the future of digital assets. However, rough and fairly accurate estimates can be made based on a digital asset’s current performance and underlying fundamentals. While Bitcoin has had a slow performance in the past few months, experts still believe the platform will surge, especially after the scheduled Bitcoin halving in 2024. While this is not entirely a bullish indicator for Bitcoin, it has in the past showcased a perfect opportunity for Bitcoin to experience a market shift for bulls. Analysts indicate that the next bull cycle will see Bitcoin raid new highs of its current all-time high of $69k in 2025 to highs of $100k before 2030.

Ethereum price prediction

Ethereum plays an important role in DeFi. The smart contracting platform offers a digital currency used to pay for goods and services and supports upcoming projects. Ethereum native digital asset ETH is also a lucrative investment that online entrepreneurs and crypto traders have been speculating about its price. ETH can make new highs, especially fueled by the expected bull market. Analysts and crypto experts predict Ethereum could surge to new highs of $5,000 per token when the market recovers.

Bitcoin Spark price prediction

Bitcoin Spark’s BTCS is currently priced at $3, a significantly discounted price from its intrinsic value. The ICO event is moving swiftly and has raised millions as investors jump in to exploit the low BTCS prices. Additionally, the ICO phase includes a 7% bonus on all investments made. This means that when each BTCS token retails at $10 during the launch phase, investments made in phase seven will be worth 357%. Bitcoin Spark is showing bullish market sentiment, estimated to begin immediately after its launch.

The underlying platform offers great returns to early investors looking to profit from the crypto market. Analysts predict an initial surge to $700 in the first 12 months as Bitcoin Spark developers integrate a detailed roadmap towards success. This estimates a 23,000% return if the analysts’ prediction comes true in one year.

Bitcoin Spark aims to become the top Bitcoin alternative in the industry. The platform intends to distribute mining rewards to network participants regardless of the device used to mine BTCS tokens. Additionally, the platform ensures the proof of work or “mining” feature is put to work by tapping idle processing power through its smart contract and allocating it to clients in exchange for BTCS tokens.

Bitcoin’s network validation process, proof of process, will utilize the Random Access Memory and the GPU/CPU of the mining device without interfering with the normal functioning of the device. Through the mining software application, miners will control the output of the mining device.

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