5th Scape Is Creating the Apple of VR Through a Fully Integrated Ecosystem for Immersive AI Experiences and Development Support

5th Scape is creating the Apple company of the VR industry by designing a fully integrated VR and AR ecosystem complete with a headset and gaming chair.

The presale for the project is starting to turn heads as investors seek to become early adopters of the project, pushing the frontier of VR.

In addition, 5th Scape is also launching a developer hub designed to connect the smartest minds in the industry and help them bring their immersive realities to life through funding and feedback.

5th Scape Is Creating the Apple of VR

Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world, surpassing a $3 trillion market cap as it solidifies itself as the greatest technology company.

The story of Apple was centered around a closed ecosystem, where the same company developed the hardware and software.

This allowed Apple to streamline its process and ensure the highest quality user experience for all of its products.

5th Scape is creating the VR version of Apple as a Web3 company that aims to forge immersive realities through a completely integrated ecosystem.

As the entire vertical remains inside 5th Scape, they can create visually immersive worlds, engaging sound effects to help 3d VR games come alive on the platform,

The project seeks to become the world’s first AR and VR ecosystem to connect the smartest minds to become architects of alternative realities.

With the closed ecosystem, 5th Scape can focus on innovation and create immersive and unforgettable adventures, allowing its users to dive into a world full of endless adventure possibilities.

Entire Product Suite Integrated for Immerse AI Experience

The team behind 5th Scape has already developed its suite of products as the presale starts to kick off.

Alongside a wide range of games for players to enjoy, 5th Scape also has a fully developed VR headset and an ergonomically comfortable chair to help with the long VR sessions.

The VR headset brings cutting-edge visuals and advanced tracking technology to bring the immersive world from developers to live. The chair is specifically tailored to prioritize comfort and support as players spend hours in the virtual worlds.

Its game list covers various genres, so everybody can find something to enjoy. So far, the list contains the following games:

  • MMA Cage Conquest
  • Epic Cricket Arena
  • Immersive Kickoff
  • Archery Master
  • Thrust Hunter

Each game is designed to be immersive, allowing players to flood themselves in arenas and training grounds as they develop their skills to showcase to thousands of people.

For example, MMA Cage Conquest allows its players to train in gritty gyms as they begin the Champions Journey to the main arenas and Online Championships. Its dynamic combat system has strategic training, allowing players to develop skills and defeat opponents.

Overall, the product line from 5th Scape is already immense and will continue to grow as the project gains momentum.

Developer Hub Designed to Connect the Smartest Minds

In addition to its product suite, 5th Scape has a developer hub to connect the most brilliant minds.

The hub is created to become a developer center of innovation and collaboration, allowing developers to shape the future of virtual reality together.

The hub is designed to provide the resources developers need to bring their creations to life, such as tools, funding, and community support.

Developers can leverage the community for beta testing and feedback and eventually monetize their creations through the closed ecosystem as their immersive virtual worlds are launched.

Overall, with developers being supported on 5th Scape, there will be a flood of new games and applications in the VR ecosystem for players to enjoy.

Presale Lights Up As Investors Rush For Early-Bird Prices

The presale is gaining momentum as investors rush to get positioned at the early-bird prices.

$5SCAPE is at the project’s core, providing exclusive access to premium VR content and elevated gaming experiences.

The token will have a 5.211 billion supply, with 80% sold in the presale to raise its $15 million USD target.

The remaining 20% of the supply will be split between the Treasury and liquidity to get the token listed on exchanges.

Those interested in purchasing the token can take advantage of the early adoption prices for $0.00187. With the token expected to be listed at $0.01, this provides an awe-inspiring return for those getting positioned at these early stages.

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